Glass Basin Production Line

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Glass Basin Production Line

The glass basin production line is mainly used in producing clear or colored glass hot melt or hot bent basin whose diameter ranges from 300mm to 500mm. With mold forming, accurate temperature controlling, and power saving technology, it shows stable product quality and high production efficiency. The production cycle is 30 days.

This production line is composed with round glass cutter, glass edge polisher, glass tapping machine, electric heating glass basin hot melt hot bent furnace.

Technical Speicification
Daily Output in Design 24-36 sets
Heating Method Electric
Electric Power 36-90kW/380V
Maximum Service Temperature 1,000℃
Controlling Method PLC intelligent control, automatic constant temperature control, temperature adjustable

As a China glass basin production line manufacturer, our company also supplies atmosphere experimental electric furnace, graphite material drying equipment, electrothermal tunnel drying line, and more.

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