Electrothermal Decorative Glass Bending Furnace

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Electrothermal Decorative Glass Bending Furnace

The electrothermal decorative glass bending furnace is mainly used in hot bending hot melting molding of lighting glass, glass fruit plate, domestic glass, and art glass. It can realize large-scale continuous production. The glasswork can also be tempered. The maximum service temperature is 800℃, and the production cycle is 30 to 40 days.

Technical Specification
Furnace Length 21-40m, segmental
Maximum Service Temperature 800℃ (adjustable)
Electric Power 75-250 (kW/380V)
Heating Method Electric
Electric Heating Element Quartz tube combined with silicon carbide rod
Temperature Controlling Method PID intelligent digital display temperature controlling, SCR module controlling, linear scale output, manual and automatic adjustment, ±1℃ accuracy.
Temperature Controlling Point 3-5 points
Mesh Belt 1Cr13 stainless iron or 304 stainless steel
Mesh Belt Speed Controlling AC excitation or frequency conversion speed regulation
Model Power (kW) Service Temperature (℃) Controlling Method Furnace Cross Section (mm) Furnace Length (mm)
WRBT-90 120 900 PID , SCR module B400×H200 25
WRBT-140 140 850 PID , SCR module B800×H250 36

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