Glass Autoclave

Glass Autoclave

This glass autoclave adopts a new heating method. The heat source is directly faced with the workpiece. It takes 6 hours for a traditional autoclave to produce each batch of glass, but thanks to the improved heating efficiency, our glass autoclave can reduce that time to 4.5 hours. So the operation cost of equipment and power consumption are all reduced.

Due to the natural circulation temperature adjustment structure, the temperature inside the autoclave can be adjusted without high-power high-pressure fans. It can save the power consumption of high-pressure fans and avoid the production and maintenance problems of leak in shaft seal. Sound pollution is also eliminated. The uniformity of the temperature inside the autoclave can meet the requirements of all kinds of plate or bent sandwich glass.

The coolers have all adopted the seamless steel finned tube, and equipped with flow regulating valve. If the cooling speed is too fast, manual adjustment is available. Famous-brand PLCs are used comprehensively in the controlling systems, and the color touch screens provide easy operations. The safety of opening and closing of the autoclave door is ensured by the manual, pneumatic, and pressure sensing controlling motors.

The sandwich glass produced by our glass autoclave completely meets the national standards, and performs much better than similar products during shooting test of bulletproof glass. The production cycle of the autoclave is 40 days.

As a professional glass autoclave manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide atmosphere experimental electric furnace, glass decorating lehr, graphite material drying equipment, and much more.

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