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  • Vacuum Glass Strengthening FurnaceThe vacuum glass strengthening furnace can produce shift door glass, tempered glass, and art glass. The laminated material in dry-press process can be EVA, silk, fabric, and photo paper. The glass and materials like EVA films and photo papers are put in silicone vacuum bags, then heated and vacuumized simultaneously.
  • Glass AutoclaveThis glass autoclave adopts a new heating method. The heat source is directly faced with the workpiece. It takes 6 hours for a traditional autoclave to produce each batch of glass, but thanks to the improved heating efficiency, our glass autoclave can reduce that time to 4.5 hours. So the operation cost of equipment and power consumption are all reduced.

Glass Strengthening Furnace

Based on 10 years of glass production experience and unique concepts, we have developed the vacuum glass strengthening furnace and the glass autoclave. These products combine easy operation, reliable safety, and outstanding strengthening effect.

The vacuum glass strengthening furnace put materials such as glass and photo paper into silicone vacuum bag, and then vacuumizes it to produce all sizes of art glass which sports novel and colorful artistic effect.

The glass autoclave can keep the glass and films securely combined by uniformly increasing the temperature and pressure inside the autoclave. The sandwich glass produced by this glass autoclave performs very well in shooting test, showing great anti-seismic property. This product takes advantage of advanced pre-heating technology so that the heat source directly faces the workpiece. The traditional 6 hours of processing time can thus be reduced to 4 hours. Due to the natural circulation temperature adjusting structure, highly accurate adjustment on temperature inside the autoclave can be realized by small power fan, so it can save a lot of energy.

As an experienced glass strengthening furnace manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide enamel glass mosaic tile production line, mesh belt glass annealing furnace, glass production line, among others.

Other Products
  • Glass MachineWe have provided a series of glass machines to help customers to clean, edge, polish, cut, drill on all kinds of glasswork. All glass machines have the advantage of easy operation and reliable processing.
    The glass washer drier machine can effectively adjust the conveying speed and hot air temperature. This machine can recycle the washing water to clean and dry glass in high efficiency.
  • Glass Production LineDue to reasonable design, the glasswork produced by our glass production line has colorful appearance and good uniformity, and the color will not fade after long-term use. The lines with high power can meet your needs in time-limiting large-scale production, while normal customers can also control the power consumption to increase profits.
  • Glass Annealing FurnaceThe glass annealing furnace is designed to realize the annealing process of quartz glass, optical glass, domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot, and cup, microcrystal glass plate and other glasswork. This annealing furnace series takes advantage of uniform furnace temperature and reasonable heating speed to heat and cool glasswork.
  • Glass Decorating LehrOur glass decorating lehr is able to print pattern such as company logo on domestic glass like glass bottle and cup and art glass, and it can perform the drying on glass silk screen, glass coating, and glass spray painting. We provide instructions on installation, tuning through video materials.
    In small-scale decorating projects, customers can choose box glass decorating lehr.
  • Glass Melting FurnaceThe reasonable design of high-temperature silicon molybdenum electrothermal rods and low-voltage input mode ensures operator's safety when using the crucible electrothermal glass melting furnace. On the other hand, the crucible fuel gas glass melting furnace takes advantage of high-quality power gas burner to heat by liquefied gas and natural gas, and automatic ignition ...
  • Glass Hot Bending FurnaceTo facilitate the high temperature bending production of domestic glass such as glass tea table, TV cabinet glass, glass corner, lighting glass, glass fruit plate, we have developed this glass hot bending furnace. Glasswork produced by our product has various shapes and flowing outlines, creating an artistic effect of glass.