Shaped Glass Edging Machine

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Shaped Glass Edging Machine

The shaped glass edging machine can automatically edge round glass of 350mm to 2,000mm in diameter and straight glass of 2,000mm in length. In manual mode, it can edge round glass of 150mm to 200mm in diameter. The inclination ranges from 5 to 80, while the width of bevel edge ranges from 5mm to 30mm. The minimum thickness is 5mm. The grinding head shaft and grinding wheel of the shaped glass edging machine can be lifted automatically. It is applicable for edging round table glass and even trapezoid, arc, and ogee edge glass.

Technical Specification
Electric Power 2.5kW/380V
Efficiency About 6m/h
Diameter of Adhesive Disc Large: 550mm
Medium: 280mm
Small: 100mm
Diameter of Grinding Wheel 100mm or 150mm, with 38mm inner bore
Vacuum 0.3-0.5MPa
Outline Dimension 1,500×950×1,800mm
Weight 1,500kg

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