Vertical Flat Glass Edging Machine

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Vertical Flat Glass Edging Machine

The vertical flat glass edging machine can be used to grind straight edges and corners of flat glass in different size and thickness. Rough grinding, accurate grinding, and polishing of straight edges and rough grinding and accurate grinding of corners can be performed in one process. With wide-range mechanical stepless speed regulation, the feeding speed can be adjusted smoothly during the edging process. 5-32mm thick glass is simultaneously tighten and driven by the belt to be grinded.

The production cycle is 40 days.

Technical Specification
Workbench Height 7,500mm
Dimension 6,500mm×1,000mm×2,500mm
Weight 2,500kg
Maximum Grinding Capacity of Straight Edge 2mm
Maximum Grinding Width of Corner 2.5mm
Corner Angle 45°
Maximum Size of Glass Board 3,660mm×2,440mm
Minimum Size of Glass Board 100mm×100mm
Thickness of Glass Board 5-32mm
Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Power 15kW/380V
Feeding Speed 0.5-3m/min, stepless regulation

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