Double Edge Flat Glass Edging Machine

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Double Edge Flat Glass Edging Machine

The double edge flat glass edging machine can grind double straight edges of flat glass. Rough grinding, accurate grinding, polishing, and chamfering can be finished in one process. With stable structure, accurate and smooth transmission system, advanced controlling system, and powerful processing capacity, it can be applied in processing of furniture glass and construction glass. The production cycle is 40 days.

The base of the grinding head slides on double straight guide rails, driven by double rolling bead screw rods. So it can achieve stable speed, eliminate the moving gap and reduce resistance and abrasion to ensure the accuracy of resetting. The processing parameters need to be set in the interface of PLC controlling system only once. The pneumatic device is flexible enough to meet your requirements.

Technical Specification
Model Overall Power Thickness Maximum Width Minimum Width Dimension (mm) Weight
YYT-15-8 11Kw/380V 3-19 1500mm 60mm 1500 ×2800 ×1500 3000kg
YYT-25-8 15Kw/380v 3-19 2500mm 100mm 2500 ×3500 ×1650 3500kg
YYT-25-16 21Kw/380v 3-19 2500mm 200mm 4500 ×3500 ×1650 4200kg
YYT-25-18 25Kw/380v 3-19 2500mm 400mm 5000 ×4500 ×1650 4500kg
YYT-25-20 25Kw/380v 3-19 2500mm 400mm 5500 ×4000 ×1650 4500kg

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