Glass Cutting Machine

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Glass Cutting Machine

The glass cutting machine is applicable for cutting of all kinds of shaped glass such as round glass, rectangle glass, and diamond glass. The thickness of glass ranges from 3mm to 10mm.

We are an experienced glass cutting machine manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including box experimental electric furnace, glass annealing furnace, enamel glass mosaic tile production line, and much more.

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Other Products
  • Automatic Glass Cutting MachineWe have introduced foreign advanced technology of high-tech cutting devices into the automatic glass cutting machine. The servo motor and CNC controller are all imported. It is also equipped with developed computer operation interface and digital controlling system. Automatic oil injection system, air floatation and pneumatic positioning device are all available.
  • High Precision Glass Cutting MachineThis high precision glass cutting machine can be divided into semi-automatic type and manual type. Customers can not only choose suitable types, but also customize the sizes. The semi-automatic double-bridge interchange precision cutting table is equipped with stepping motor and CNC controlling technology.
  • Glass Drilling MachineThe gripper of the glass drilling machine is driven by pneumatic device. The top and bottom drills run successively to ensure high concentricity. It is also equipped with pneumatic workbench which is able to move easily while bearing large flat glass. With easy operation and reliable performance, this glass drilling machine is indispensible special equipment in glass processing.