Glass Drilling Machine

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Glass Drilling Machine

The gripper of the glass drilling machine is driven by pneumatic device. The top and bottom drills run successively to ensure high concentricity. It is also equipped with pneumatic workbench which is able to move easily while bearing large flat glass. With easy operation and reliable performance, this glass drilling machine is indispensible special equipment in glass processing.

The production cycle is 20 days.

Technical Specification
Diameter of Drill 4-220mm
Drillable Thickness 3-20mm
Maximum Size of Glass 2,600×1,800mm
Dimension 2,200mm×2,100mm×1,700mm
Overall Power 3kW/380V

Our company is a professional glass drilling machine manufacturer in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including electrothermal tunnel drying line, fuel gas furnace, box experimental electric furnace, and much more.

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