Roller Domestic Ceramic Decorating Kiln

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Roller Domestic Ceramic Decorating Kiln

The roller domestic ceramic decorating kiln is applied in decorating firing and overglaze decorating for domestic ceramic and art ceramic, and decorating and drying of glasswork. The production cycle is 40 days, and the maximum temperature is 1,100℃.

Technical Specification
Length of Furnace 30-60m, segmental
Cross Section of Furnace Mouth 800mm-2,000mm
Daily Decorating Output (24h) 3,000-35,000 sets
Maximum Service Temperature 1,100℃ (adjustable)
Electric Power 90-350 (kW/380V)
Heating Element Electrothermal alloy wires
Temperature Controlling Method PID intelligent digital display temperature controlling, SCR module controlling, linear scale output, with automatic constant temperature controlling, overheating alarm, and manual/automatic controlling functions.
Temperature Controlling Point 8-12 points
Rollers φ40-80mm alumina ceramic rollers
Driving Method Helical Gears

The roller domestic ceramic decorating kiln can make colorful and vivid patterns on art ceramic and domestic ceramic such as ceramic tableware and ceramic tea set. The processed ceramic products are popular among the consumers. It comes with highly accurate temperature controlling system. The decorating temperature can be kept constant according to users' settings. On overheating events, the alarm will be triggered. The intelligent decorating process can not only achieve higher efficiency, but also save human labor. We provide various models to help you reduce costs and increase profits.

We are a professional roller domestic ceramic decorating kiln manufacturer and supplier, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including glass melting furnace, mesh belt glass annealing furnace, glass hot bending furnace, and more.

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