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Fuel Gas Furnace

The 1,400℃ fuel gas furnace can be applied for calcining of fireproof material, grind tool and abrasive, alumina ceramic, and magnetic material. With its traditional shuttle structure, this product is very stable and reliable. We choose self-priming Venturi nozzle and full fiber lining for this fuel gas furnace. It is also equipped with manual control and waste heat recycling system. The production cycle is 40 days, and the maximum service temperature is 1,400℃.

The production cycle is 40 days.

Technical Specification
Effective Volume of Furnace 1-10 cubic meters
Structure of Furnace Trolley
Material of Lining Alumina cellucotton combined with polycrystalline mullite cellucotton
Fuel Liquefied oil gas, natural gas, coal gas
Maximum Service Temperature 1,400℃
Heating Method Two sides at bottom
Nozzle 10-40 pairs, self-priming
Smoke Extraction Method Chimney natural smoke extraction, waste heat recycling

With the unique self-priming Venturi nozzles on two sides at the bottom of furnace, uniform temperature environment can be created to produce products with better quality. The special furnace lining has properties of fast heating speed and good thermal insulation, providing advantages such as saving energy and reducing costs in production. The heating method is free of pollution, and the waste heat recycling system can further reduce its power consumption.

We are a major 1400℃fuel gas furnace manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including atmosphere experimental electric furnace, electrothermal tunnel drying line, glass strengthening furnace, and more.

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