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The electric calcining tunnel kiln is the main type of kiln in large-scale industrial production of structure ceramic and electric ceramic. Each tunnel is equipped with one or two push boards. The cross section of furnace is relatively small, but providing good uniformity of temperature. It can keep stable process, high production capacity, and easy operation. Compared to similar products, our electric calcining tunnel kiln has the advantages of high degree of automation, low human labor cost, precise temperature control, and good product quality.

The representative products include LCO, LMO, graphite powder for battery cathode, hydrogen storage for Ni-MH battery, alloy powder clear alumina ceramic, zirconia ceramic, and beryllium ceramic.

The production cycle is 50 days.

Technical Specification
Item Parameter
Temperature 600-1,750℃
Width of Furnace 120-22,000mm
Height of Furnace 150-22,000mm
Length of Furnace 6000-36,000mm
Heating Temperature Section 2-36
Heating Element Resistance wire, silicon carbide rod, silicon molybdenum rod
Heating Method Horizontal heating at top and bottom, side heating
Control Method Unit instrument temperature control, programmable PLC control, human interface distributed control system
Propel Method Mechanical, hydraulic
Push Board Movement Single propel system, automatic circulation system
Model DTY-Power-Temperature/100-Function
Function: S-firing, P-debinding, D-calcining, H-multi-function

Our electric calcining tunnel kiln adopts pollution free electrothermal method to create high-temperature environment. The programmable PLC control system and human interface, compared with traditional systems, can save a lot of human labor and maintenance cost. The 3-dimension heating structure ensures the uniformity of furnace temperature, thus dramatically improves the product quality. We provide a wide range of furnace sizes, so customers can always find the most suitable product to help increase their profits.

As a specialized electric calcining tunnel kiln manufacturer and supplier in China, we also supply mesh belt glass annealing furnace, graphite material drying equipment, glass cutting machine, and much more.

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  • Roller Electrothermal Tunnel Calcining KilnIn high-capacity production, the roller kiln is the first choice. The driving method of our roller electrothermal tunnel calcining kiln is helical gears driving, which is stable and reliable. It also adopts linear scale output system to save power consumption. The production cycle is 30 days.
  • Graphite Material Sintering Electric Tunnel KilnThe graphite material sintering electric tunnel kiln is mainly adopted in lithium ion battery industry. The cathode material, graphite, and the anode material, LFP are calcined under the protection of nitrogen atmosphere. The stable and reliable quality and uniform furnace temperature are widely praised by our customers. Especially, this product does a good job in energy saving.