Graphite Material Sintering Electric Tunnel Kiln

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Graphite Material Sintering Electric Tunnel Kiln

The graphite material sintering electric tunnel kiln is mainly adopted in lithium ion battery industry. The cathode material, graphite, and the anode material, LFP are calcined under the protection of nitrogen atmosphere. The stable and reliable quality and uniform furnace temperature are widely praised by our customers. Especially, this product does a good job in energy saving.

The graphite material sintering electric tunnel kiln is composed with electric furnace, full automatic rotary device, PLC control device, electric control cabinet, etc. There are two types of rotary devices as mechanic and hydraulic. Computer monitor system is also available. The production cycle is 120 days.

The silicon carbide rods can heat the workpieces from upside and downside. The temperature control system can separately adjust the temperature of the upper part and the lower part of high-temperature section, and keeps little temperature difference at the cross section. The double push board resistance furnace lining is designed in large-span assembled roof structure, so the service life of the kiln is quite long. The rotary structure is propelled by double push board, and rotated by single push board.

Technical Specification
Item Unit (STZLQ)TZLQ Series Full Automatic Push Board Resistance Furnace
Rated Heating Power at 380V Kw 120 135 200 280
Size of Furnace (L*W*T) mm 10,000*400*180 14,000*400*300 14,000*750*200 25,000*750*240
Size of Push Board (L*W*T) mm 340*340*30 340*340*30 340*340*30 340*340*30
Maximum Temperature 1200
Service Temperature Room temperature~1,050
Heating Element Silicon carbide rod
Atmosphere Nitrogen
Temperature Section Section 9 8 8 9
Temperature Controlling Point Point 13 11 11 13
Temperature Controlling Method Single point control, imported intelligent instruments, PLD adjustment, SCR control
Speed Range mm/h 150-1,000 400-1,200 250-1,500 600-2,500

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