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The graphite material drying equipment is mainly used in drying of cathode material for graphite after purification. It is made up of furnace, full automatic (mechanic) rotary device, and electric control cabinet, etc.

Due to the multi temperature sections, the process curve can be adjusted flexibly. Vapor and exhaust gas can be discharged from several ports which adopts jet flow air inducing technology. The displacement can be adjusted to reduce the temperature loss. The thermal insulation material is mainly energy-saving fiber.

Technical Specification
Item Unit DGL Roller Resistance Furnace
DGL-80-11 DGL-180-11 DGL-300-11 DGL-800-11
Rated Heating Power kW 80 135 300 390
Voltage/Phase V/Phase 380/3
Size of Furnace (L*W*H) mm 10000*780*200 15000*1100*100 25000*1300*200 38000*1300*240
Internal of Rods mm 75 75 85 85
Diameter of Rod mm Ø42 Ø42 Ø60 Ø60
Maximum Temperature ≤500
Service Temperature Room temperature-480
Heating Element High temperature resistance wire
Temperature Section Section 9 7 13 17
Temperature Controlling Point Point 13 7 13 17
Variation of Temperature Controlling ≤±1
Temperature Difference at Cross Section ≤±5
Thermocouple º N
Temperature Controlling Method Single setting point, imported intelligent instruments, PLD adjustment, SCR control
Speed Range mm/h 150-1000 400-1500 400-2000 4000-8000

This graphite material drying equipment has various furnace sizes. The largest one reaches 38,000mm×1,300mm×240mm to provide sufficient drying capacity. Users can adjust the process curve flexibly to set the change in temperature. Tests show that the variation in temperature controlling is no more than 1 degree Celsius. Higher accuracy promises better drying effect. We strictly choose the thermal insulation material to make this green and energy-saving furnace.

As a China-based graphite material drying equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, We also provides electrothermal tunnel drying line, mesh belt glass annealing furnace, experimental electric furnace, and much more.

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