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  • Heating WireWe provide electrothermal alloy wire and alloy bandlet. The service temperature ranges from 600℃ to 1,300℃. All the specifications can be customized according to customers' requirements.
    With order, please provide the required temperature, voltage, power, material, length, shape, and quantity.
  • Quartz Tube, Stainless Steel Heat PipeWe provide all kinds of clear quartz tubes, halogen quartz tubes, and carbon fiber color quartz tubes. The service temperature ranges from 100℃ to 650℃. All specifications can be customized.
    With order, please provide the required voltage, power, length, shape, and quantity.
    All sizes and shapes of stainless steel heat pipes, iron heat pipes are also provided.
  • Electric Heating Coil, Ribbon HeaterWe accept order for all kinds of stainless steel electric heating coils, ceramic electric heating coils, and cast aluminum electric heating coils with automatic temperature control system. The temperature can be adjusted manually.
    With order, please provide the required service temperature ...
  • Silicon Carbide RodWe provide straight, U-shaped, and gun-shaped silicon carbide rod with maximum service temperature at 1,400℃. It has properties of high thermal efficiency, good resistance to corrosion and aging. Detailed specification can be customized.
    With order, please provide the required temperature ...
  • Silicon Molybdenum RodOur U-shaped and W-shaped silicon molybdenum robs adopt molybdenum as a basic material. The maximum service temperature can be 1,700℃.
    With order, please provide the required service temperature, voltage, power, length of heating section, shape, and quantity.
  • ThermocoupleWe provide thermocouple and armor thermocouple in all specifications, shapes, and lengths. The graduation is K, S, N, B, T, or R.
    With order, please provide the required service temperature, graduation, material of protective tube, length, shape, and quantity.
  • High Temperature Wire, Thermocouple WireWe provide high temperature wire and thermocouple wire with various graduations and high temperature curves range from 100℃ to 500℃.
    With order of thermocouple wire, please provide the required graduation, length, and quantity. With order of high temperature wire, please provide service temperature, gauge, and length.

Original Electric Components, Thermocouple

Our products widely cover all kinds of original electric components and thermocouple products such as heating wire, quartz tube, stainless steel heat pipe, electric heating coil, ribbon heater, silicon carbide rod, silicon molybdenum rod, thermocouple, high temperature wire, and thermocouple wire.

The products come in various specifications, but all of them can work stably in high temperature and show good corrosion and aging resistance, high thermal efficiency, and long service life. Customers can provide us the required environmental temperature, voltage, power, length, shape, length of heating section, graduation, etc. so that we can provide individual service. Some of the products, such as electric heating coil and ribbon heater has automatic temperature control and preservation functions to reduce manual operation and human labor.

Our company is a professional original electric components, thermocouple manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including glass melting furnace, mesh belt glass decorating lehr, atmosphere experimental electric furnace, among others.

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