X Ray, Gamma Ray Protective Lead Room

The X ray, gamma ray protective lead room is mainly used in guard and protection in nuclear industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, furnace pressure container, chemical machinery. Different levels of X ray, gamma ray protective room can be customized.

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Other Products
  • Radioactive Source Storage and Transfer EquipmentThe radioactive source storage and transfer equipment can be customized. We can produce all protection levels and types of radioactive source storage box and vessel, such as radioactive waste storage box, radioactive source storage box, gamma ray source storage box, lead vessel, and radioactive source storage transfer equipment in stainless steel or iron housing.
  • Industrial Radiation ShieldWe provide several industrial radiation shield products. The purity of our lead sheet reaches 99.994%. The width is 1,000mm, and the thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 50mm. The length can be customized. The specification of radiation protection lead brick can also be customized.
  • X Ray, Gamma Ray Protective Lead DoorThe specification of our X ray, gamma ray protective lead door can be customized according to your needs. We provide X ray, gamma ray electric (manual) protective lead door, gamma ray concrete protective lead door, Iridium 192, cobalt 60, 2MeV to 12MeV accelerator ray protective door.