Medical Protective Coatings (Barium Sulfate)

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Medical Protective Coatings (Barium Sulfate)
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  • Medical Protective DoorThe medical protective door has protective effects on X, γ, and neutron ray. It is the perfect protective product for radioactive sites equipped with linear accelerator, gamma knife, CT, ECT, DSA, X ray machine, cobalt 60 apparatus, afterloader, simulator, etc. The protective quality has passed the national protection standards.
  • X Ray, Gamma Ray Protective Lead RoomThe X ray, gamma ray protective lead room is mainly used in guard and protection in nuclear industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, furnace pressure container, chemical machinery. Different levels of X ray, gamma ray protective room can be customized.
  • Radioactive Source Storage and Transfer EquipmentThe radioactive source storage and transfer equipment can be customized. We can produce all protection levels and types of radioactive source storage box and vessel, such as radioactive waste storage box, radioactive source storage box, gamma ray source storage box, lead vessel, and radioactive source storage transfer equipment in stainless steel or iron housing.