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We is a specialized industrial furnace, glass machinery manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include enamel glass mosaic tile production line, mesh belt glass annealing furnace, box experimental electric furnace, drying equipment, and more.

Main Products
  • Mesh Belt Glass Annealing FurnaceThe mesh belt glass annealing furnace is applicable to the first annealing and second stress relief annealing after reprocessing of domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot, and cup and lighting glass. The furnace measures 6m to 40m long. The maximum service temperature is 650℃.
    With the unique mesh belt drive mechanism, the service life of mesh belt is extended.
  • Fuel Gas Glass Annealing FurnaceThe fuel gas glass annealing furnace is mainly applied in the first annealing of domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot and cup and lighting glass, and it can also be used in the continuous hot bending hot melting of lighting glass and glass fruit plate. The length of furnace ranges from 18m to 60m, and the maximum service temperature is 850℃.