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As a professional glass furnace, drying equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers experimental electric furnace, graphite material drying equipment, electrothermal tunnel drying line, ceramic kiln, and much more.

Main Products
  • Crucible Electrothermal Glass Melting FurnaceWith high production flexibility, it can produce all kinds of glasswork. The maximum service temperature is 1,450℃, and the production cycle is 60 days.
    Due to the high-temperature silicon molybdenum electrothermal element and low-voltage input, operation on the kiln is absolutely safe. It uses special crucible for clay.
  • Box Experimental Electric FurnaceThe furnace is made of ceramic fiber. With small heat capacity and fast heating speed, it takes only 30 minutes to get to the set temperature. This furnace is easy and safe to operate, and the temperature controlling accuracy is ±1ºC. The heating element is high-temperature resistance wire which is shallow buried in the furnace wall to form heating board.