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Pre-Sales Services
We will communicate with the purchaser on technical details, providing them with technical solutions and internal quotations.

In-Sales Services
Images and videos about the production of our products are available. The general quick-wear parts are free of charge, while other accessories are provided at cost price. The delivery time is generally within 50 days after the execution of contract.

After-Sale Services
After the devices being tuned and then delivered, the purchaser will be responsible to the maintenance. We provide free-of-charge long-term support through telephone, mails, and video information. If the devices have major breakdowns which purchasers cannot solve, technicians will be sent to fix them on site, but the purchasers have to take the cost.

Other Services
There are several special services. The designing can be adjusted according to customers' particular requirements. We also provide inland training projects and installation services abroad. OEM is available.

Main Products
  • Fuel Gas Glass Annealing FurnaceThe fuel gas glass annealing furnace is mainly applied in the first annealing of domestic glass such as glass bottle, pot and cup and lighting glass, and it can also be used in the continuous hot bending hot melting of lighting glass and glass fruit plate. The length of furnace ranges from 18m to 60m, and the maximum service temperature is 850℃.
  • Mesh Belt Glass Decorating LehrThe mesh belt glass decorating lehr is suitable for continuous large-scale production of high-temperature logo printing and metal printing and low-temperature glass paint drying for domestic glass such as glass bottle and cup and art glass. The whole lehr measures 18m to 60m. It has maximum service temperature of 650℃ and production cycle of 30 to 40 days.