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Support for Electric-to-Gas or Gas-to-Electric modification of Glass Annealing Furnace
Further authentication, maintenance, and modification are performed on the heating method of the mechanism of old furnace such as gas-to-electric or electric-to-gas (natural gas, clean gas, liquefied gas, etc.) conversion. We will try our best to save the reusable materials from the original furnace, and design and modify it into a modern environmental, economical, and applicable furnace.

Support for Glass Decorating
We provide the temperature curve technical solutions of decorating and drying of the high-temperature decorating paper, high- or low-temperature ink, and silk screen drying for glassworks such as domestic glass, art glass, and glassware.

Support for Coloration Heating Process of Crystal Glass
The crystal glass is an emerging product in China in the last two years which is mostly imported before. This glass is mainly available in red, and it has a wide range of applications with promising profits. During double heating coloration, the crystal glass is very sensible to the uniformity and stability of temperature. To meet the needs of market, we are the first company to develop a crystal glass double coloration furnace in China. There have already been several purchasers.

Support for Glass Hot Bending Hot Melting
According to customers' requirements, we can provide hot bending hot melting technique, molds production, and the purchasing of production equipment and auxiliary materials of all kinds of furniture glass, technology glass, lighting glass, and art glass.

Support for Glass Mosaic Series
We can provide complete process and production equipment and auxiliary materials for crystal glass mosaic, molten glass mosaic, glazing glass mosaic according to the needs of customers.

Main Products
  • Glass Hot Bending Hot Melting Production LineThe glass hot bending hot melting production line comprises of glass cleaner, shaped glass cutting machine, mesh belt electrothermal tunnel calcining kiln. Baseplate, namely 5mm to 8mm thick plate wavy glass, is heated, bent, and melted in stainless steel or fireproofing material molds into glass fruit plate, glass ashtray, and lighting glass. It can also be tempered.
  • Vacuum Glass Strengthening Furnace The vacuum glass strengthening furnace can produce shift door glass, tempered glass, and art glass. The laminated material in dry-press process can be EVA, silk, fabric, and photo paper. The glass and materials like EVA films and photo papers are put in silicone vacuum bags, then heated and vacuumized simultaneously.